Gibet, Alisa

Alisa Gibet was born in St.-Petersburg. At present she is living and working in Jelgava, Latvia.




She was trained in the St.-Petersburg academic art lyceum
(B.V. Iogansona).
She graduated the St. Petersburg state academic institute
of painting, sculpture and architecture (I.E. Repin academy).

1999 – 2000 «Art of Russian young artists». Wiesbaden. Germany
2004 – «Artists of Russia to the word». China (catalogue)
2004 – the International festival of the contemporary art «Brawler-island». Sochi.
Russia (catalogue, first prize for a series of works of easel painting)
2004 – «Nudes». Amsterdam. Holland
2005-2010 – «Russian art» London, Great Britain (catalogue )
2006-2009 – «Schildersweek». Domburg, Holland (catalogue/ film).
2007 – member of union of artists.
2009 – » Views of Paros» Greece.
2010- “Confettie Carnavale” Maastricht, Holland
2010- “ Impressions of Hios“, Greece. ( catalogue)
2011- “ Beauty and Mystery “ personal exposition, Aachen, Germany.(catalogue)
2011 -» Woman’s Art » – Germany, Krefeld.
2012 – «Beauty and mystery»-personal exhibition, Germany, Würselen.
2012 – personal exhibition, Germany, Aachen.
2014 – personal exhibition «Beauty and mystery», Latvia, Riga (Art Refuge)
2016 – personal exhibition «My World» (Zemgale Regional Development Center, Jelgava)
2016 – personal exhibition «My World» (Bureau of the Party Vienotiba)
2016-17 – personal exhibition «In the aesthetics of beauty», Latvia, Jelgava (Adolf Alunan Memorial Museum)
2017 – exhibition of Russian artists «7 years» (Russian House, Riga)
2017 – exhibition of Russian artists «7 years» (Chekhov Theater, Riga)
2017 – exhibition of Russian artists «Gifts of Autumn» (an exhibition of Russian artists «Gifts of Autumn» (Riga City Council, Riga), Riga)
2018 – spring exhibition of the Union of Artists of Jelgava (Jelgava Museum of History and Art named after G. Elias)

Her works are found in private collections are found in Russia, Germany, Italy,
Holland, China, England, Egypt, Israel and Greece…